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About Us

“In an industry challenged with system after system built on the foundation of old technology — one company has stepped up to the plate. That company is Unisyn Voting Solutions.”

Unisyn Voting Solutions is proud to be the first to achieve 2005 Certification for a digital scanning system based on the Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines (VVSG) put in place by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC). We believe that the impact of Unisyn’s OpenElect products can completely revolutionize the way elections are managed in both the public and private sectors.

We’ve embraced the standards set forth by the voting community, leaving behind the old legacy software technology used by our competitors and instead have become the first to develop a hardened Linux and Java based platform for our voting products. To further our commitment to transparency, our source code is available for review as part of an official procurement or evaluation process by a voting jurisdiction. Unisyn’s product suite incorporates advanced encryption and ballot protection features to address the most crucial issues head on.

Prior to receiving certification, Unisyn went through an extensive testing and review process that included the completion of an application, employment of an EAC-accredited laboratory for system testing, and technical analysis of the laboratory test report by the EAC. Unisyn used Wyle to test both hardware and software systems as required by the EAC. We are releasing the report and results from Wyle Labs publicly as part of our transparent review process.

As technology continues to progress, the voting industry has our continued commitment to cutting edge research and the development of advanced solutions. We will work closely with jurisdictions and professional industry associations to fully understand all of their needs and goals. Our mission is to help each jurisdiction create greater voter and election worker confidence for years to come.

Thank you for the opportunity to present Unisyn OpenElect voting system. Please contact Unisyn or call our Election Specialists at 760-734-3233 to learn more. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with additional information about our Company.

We look forward to hearing from you.

2022 Summer Conference

July 19 – 21, Madison WI

Election Center
August 20 – 24, Denver CO
Grand Hyatt Denver

August 30 – September 2
Springfield MO, Double Tree Hotel

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    OpenElect has been certified by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG). EAC 2005 VVSG LogoOur certification documents can be found at the EAC website.