Election Services

Election Day, Early Voting, Vote-by-Mail and Private Election Services

Unisyn Voting Solutions® is committed to helping our customers maximize the security, efficiency and value of our products to ensure a smooth and transparent election process.

We work closely with you, providing flexibility in the design and delivery of your support services and staff training for your election and technical personnel. The combination of Unisyn OpenElect’s staff resources, best practices and leading-edge technology, provides our clients with the skills and tools needed to revolutionize local elections. The impact of Unisyn 2005 Certified products can make tremendous differences; driving voter confidence, delivering exemplary service and enhanced security.

Election Services

We provide services and products to accommodate:

Private Elections

We are able to provide staff and resources to conduct private elections.

Mail-in and Absentee Ballots

We have the capability to provide staff and organization tools and resources to support Vote-by-Mail Ballots making the process transparent while providing accurate tracking of election results including:

Contact Unisyn Voting Solutions or call 760-734-3233 today. We are committed to providing unparalleled service, enhanced security and increased voter confidence, helping your next election to run efficiently and smoothly.
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