Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some vendors still testing to the VVSG 2002 standards?

While we're reluctant to speak to other vendor's practices and resources, many maintain legacy software that has been updated repeatedly and bringing it up to date would be very expensive and time-consuming especially to meet today's higher standards. Some are waiting to re-write their software in a more modern software language that provides increased security and transparency.

Why are the VVSG 2005 standards important?

The 2005 VVSG guidelines are the most stringent guidelines for voting systems, raising the bar for usability, durability and security. At Unisyn Voting Solutions, we are dedicated to providing products that exceed industry standards and expectations.

How do I vote on the system?

Voters simply read the instructions posted in each precinct and in voting booths or on the screens of the voting units in each polling place. Voting instructions can also be viewed online or printed in newspapers prior to the election by the County.

How do I know my votes are being tabulated in the electronic machine? Is there an audit trail or backup?

The OpenElect® system is designed to give positive verification of all votes cast, either through a visual or audible interface. Additionally all vote data is recorded in four (4) locations. Three electronic copies and the original paper ballot, providing complete redundancy and an accurate audit trail.

How secure is the OpenElect® voting system?

The OpenElect® system has been subjected to some of the most stringent testing ever performed on a voting system by an accredited third party, and has been approved by the EAC . This test report is available for review by election officials.

Is the OpenElect® voting equipment developed and manufactured in the United States?

The OpenElect® system is entirely developed, manufactured and maintained in the United States.

Can the OVO read ballots other than 8½" X 11"?

Although the system is currently certified to read 13 and 16 inch long ballots in both 8.5 and 3.25 inch widths, it has the capability to read any size ballot with a maximum size of 8.5 x 21.

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