OpenElect® Central Suite (OCS)

The OpenElect® Central Suite (OCS) is a Linux and Java based suite of software applications that work together to define and configure an election

Complete Control Over Your Election Process

The OCS works in conjunction with the OpenElect® Voting Optical Scan, the OpenElect® Voting Interface and the OpenElect® Voting Central Scan.

The OCS Software Suite

Ballot Layout Manager (BLM)

  • Creates, checks, translates and produces the ballot styles needed by a jurisdiction for an election
  • Creates and stores precinct and district information in a database
  • Camera-ready artwork is generated for all ballots
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)
OpenElect OCS Screens

Election Manager (EM)

  • Converts the election definition file to a Unisyn-specific XML format
  • Allows the jurisdiction to add voting device specific options
  • Flexibility to check contests for under votes, whether to allow or disallow certain features and other options
  • Creates and manages Supervisor and Maintenance Technician logins and passwords
  • Produces a CD containing encrypted, compressed files that are loaded onto the voting devices
  • CD is also used by the post-election OVS components for Election Day processing

Tabulator Client (TC)

  • Retrieves, decrypts and transfers the vote files from the transport media to the Tabulator
  • Following an election, transport media from each poll location are delivered to a central count location, uploaded and converted to a database format that the jurisdiction can use for Unofficial and Official Canvass Reporting


  • Unisyn's Tabulator receives and validates uploaded voting data and provides a status of uploaded files.
  • Provides Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) functionality
  • Uses the Tabulator database to store results from all precincts.

Election Server (ES)

  • Sets the correct system time on the voting devices
  • Uses the Election CD created by the Election Manager component to download new election data (via a closed and secure network) to OVO and OVI voting devices and an Election Server computer for use at the jurisdiction’s Election Warehouse
  • Logs the connection of each device and the election download

Tabulator Reports (TR)

  • Accesses data from the Tabulator Database to generate the necessary Unofficial and Official reports
  • As precinct results are uploaded, the vote tabulator generates and updates a number of reports including:
    • Upload Status reports
    • Consolidated Election Report summarized by precinct
    • Voter Turnout Report as well as other reports
  • The vote files maintain both an administrative audit trail and a voter audit trail that provide capability to retrieve ballot images

EAC 2005 VVSG Logo

OpenElect 1.0 has been certified by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to the 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG). Our certification documents can be found here. Or you can visit the EAC website for more information.

Contact Unisyn Voting Solutions or call 760-734-3233 today. We are committed to providing unparalleled service, enhanced security and increased voter confidence, helping your next election to run efficiently and smoothly.
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